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I am a first-generation Costa Rican-American artist with chromesthesia. In my paintings, I attempt to reveal faith, spirituality, and healing. I believe the healing energy I hold at the time of creation comes through in my paintings.


My work may appear random at first, but looking closer you will find a common thread of exemplifying the beautifully chaotic. All my work encompasses equal parts of planning and spontaneity; a mix of direct and indirect intention, chance, and circumstances. I believe this allows me to constantly be exploring new and different avenues for my work. I believe an artist should not limit themselves by technique or medium. This allows the opportunity for my art, the basic essence of my art, to shine through rather than merely my own need to control. I attempt to manifest through conscious and subconscious color choice and strokes, that which is not seen with the naked eye: emotions, imaginations, faith, love, the soul...


I enjoy working with the "white space" or negative space in my painting as though it is ether itself.

My ultimate goal is to create an interesting work of art that engages people to debate their interpretations of their faith, spirituality, and emotions through creating meaningful dialogue, whether they become a fan or a critic. The worst thing for me as an artist is for someone to be indifferent, or unmoved by my work. Even if you hate it, that still means I struck a chord in you enough to make you feel and that is all I am trying to do... make you feel.


geordanna the artist, Dallas Artist

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